Expanded Tour In South America To Be Offered By & Beyond

&Beyond has experienced success with their tour operating services available in Chile and Argentine and because of this they are ready to expand their firm which specializes in luxury experiential travel. To be able to cover more of South America, the company will have now available tour services in Peru and Ecuador.

According to the chief executive of &Beyond, Joss Kent, the fact that more and more people are availing their tours in Chile and Argentina, it cannot be denied that more are going to try other top destinations that are also located in South America.

Kent is proud to say that they have experienced team that is designated on the ground in order to make sure that their clients are able to get their money’s worth. For the same reason, the company is confident to make an expansion for their services in order to help their guests in experiencing not just the traditional highlights like Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu but they will also be able to see those that are not as popular but stunning places that are located in Ecuador and Peru.

Just like the services they are offering in Chile and Argentina, &Beyond will make sure that in their new regions they will be able to cater to the guests based on the most recent local knowledge. The team will have the same valuable experiences coupled with knowledge and a professional guide that is expert in different fields.

The tour services will provide the guests the best transport available. They will have priority when it comes to their hotel accommodations and restaurants. They will also be provided with assistance 24.7 to makes sure that they are comfortable the entire trip.

Peru is known for its ancient citadel located in Machu Picchu and it is also where a part of the Amazon Basin can be found. Peru offers various highlights such as sleeping in the only hanging lodge in the world while being suspended over the Sacred Valley. The South America Tour will never be complete without visiting the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.