Fear Used As Marketing Strategy By Businesses

Fear has a big impact when it comes to the actions of human beings. This is why many businesses take this opportunity in order to market their business by showing scary scenarios that will trigger a consumer to buy their products or avail their services.

Fear might have a powerful impact when it comes to decision making of consumers but it is not considered a good strategy when it comes to marketing and sales. If you are an owner of a small business, before using fear in order to encourage people to buy your products or services, keep in mind these simple questions:

  • Why is fear becoming an effective tool in selling brands?
  • If you are marketing your products or services, would it be appropriate to utilize the fear of consumers?
  • In the event that you employ fear, will there be consequences in the future?

First let us discuss the effect of fear that makes it an effective method of marketing. If we are to truly understand this, we must go back to the basic which is the psychology of human beings.  Ever since, our ancestors have faced a lot of physical threats thus they have already adapted instincts in protecting themselves. It has since been passed down in generations which play a big role in decision making and human behavior.

One of the things we have instilled in our mind is that we are stronger in number thus isolation is not ideal. This is the reason why it is easy for companies selling products for good hygiene to convince the consumers because we fear that if we don’t use these products other people might start avoiding us. Another fear we humans have is losing which is why it is better not to lose rather than risk anything just for a chance of winning.

If you are using fear as a selling tool, is it appropriate? Marketing insurance used to employ fear in order to encourage clients to avail of their packages. Insurance means talking about the possibilities thus it is unavoidable to use scary subjects. It does not mean that because this tactic applies to one field, it will also have the same effect on other products or services.