Ferrari 488 GTB – Power And Finesse Combined

Ferrari 488 GTB was recently named as the Car of the Year by Robb Report magazine. This is not surprising considering that this turbo engine vehicle is a vision to look at and a full-body blood-rush to drive. So much has been said about Ferrari’s switch to turbo. In fact, many car aficionados are worried that the “whoosh” of the turbocharger might just kill the Ferrari engine sound that is so loved by buyers.

There is no ignition key to turn in the Ferrari 488 GTB. You simply press the start button and it will rumble to life with a satisfying roar. The engine sound is unmistakably Ferrari with none of the dreaded “turbo lag” that comes with other turbo-powered sports cars. In terms of performance, Ferrari 488 GTB is superior to the much vaunted non turbo predecessor, the Ferrari 458. Ferrari 488 is lighter, longer and wider making it very agile on the track. The amazing thing with 488 is it goes from 0 to 60mph within 3 seconds through its 660 horsepower. Furthermore, the new Ferrari is more gas efficient by 15% than the 458. But who thinks about gas prices when you are driving a Ferrari?

The 488 is power and finesse combined. It stands apart from other sports cars due to its balance not only on the road but specifically on the driver’s seat. The 488 stays graceful even when taking fast turns, when it rips out of a stoplight, when it brakes sharply on a corner and when it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph.

If compared to some Ferraris in the past, the 488 feels more comforting and intuitive. The paddle shifters, dials, turn signals, window controls, radio dials and suspension settings are easily accessible and user friendly. For those with the money, Ferrari 488 GTB is offered at a starting price of $245,000 or $300,000 with amenities.

The problem however with buying Ferrari 488 acceleration is the current waiting list of about 2 years. Car aficionados certainly crave for a Ferrari that instantly becomes a race car when you punch on the accelerator. Speed comes too easily but be very careful about speed limits.