Folkestone Digital Marketing Firm Offering 50% Profit Share For The Rest Of 2020

COVID-19 has hit the global economy hard, with companies across the world being forced to adapt to stay afloat. People are now more online than ever, with an appropriate shift in online shopping and marketing, with its king kong marketing review and the like.

Folkestone-based digital marketing firm Sleeping Giant Media has a scheme to help motivate its workers; offering a 50% profit share for the remainder of 2020.

Sleeping Giant Media CEO Luke Quilter issued a statement on the matter, saying that the digital marketing firm has been hit by COVID-19, same as any other, and 2020 has been nothing, if not a hugely challenging year.

The company CEO admits that, in spite of that, they’ve seen some growth, with record sales and project expansion across the board. He attributes it to their hardworking team, which is why they’ve forwarded this profit share plan, as a reward, and as a testbed for what might be applied for businesses across the UK.

Quilter says that the primary directive in the company’s decision-making process is to ensure sustainability, ensuring that anyone and everyone involved in Sleeping Giant Media benefits; more than just pursuing a better king kong marketing review or the next financial quarter.

Sleeping Giant Media MD Anthony Klokkou says that, if this 50% profit share works out during the test period, it might be something they keep around in some form in the future, full time.

They note that the immediate future is still cloudy for a lot of businesses, so what the profit share percentage will look like in actual cash is unclear. They do, however, have financial forecasts, and, if things go smoothly, it’ll be a nice Christmas for them, all things considered.