Ford Executive Fired, Ended Up In The Company That Builds The New Ford GT

Raj Nair was the former president of Ford North America, until February of 2018, when he was fired over charges of “inappropriate behavior”. Now, he finds himself working with the company again, in his new position as president of the company that custom builds Ford’s latest iteration of its classic GT model.

Nair was fired from Ford, then later hired by Markham, Ontario-based Multimatic, the company responsible for building-to-order 2017 Ford GTs, which are priced on the lower end of the supercar bracket, at $450,000. He had worked with Ford for more than a decade.

According to the Vice President of Global Sales for Multimatic, Raj, with his history of innovating in automotive parts, will make the Multimatic company even better than it already was. Nair had contributed so much to the development of the car that he is called as the “Father of the GT”.

As part of his departure from Ford, Nair signed a two-year agreement with the company that forbids him from working in the automotive industry or for any of Ford’s potential competitors. He agreed to the terms, and Ford itself has not made any comments with the association with Multimatic.

Multimatic supplies automotive parts to several major manufacturers across the world, having designed the Tesla Model S’ side power door, the Ford F-150’s suspension system, on top of working with Detroit 3, BMW and Land Rover.

Of course, the company’s work with the Ford GT, which is made to order, is the one that’s getting attention. The demand for the vehicle exceeds supply, as the supercar is so coveted for car enthusiasts and collectors, including, among others, comedian Jay Leno, that Ford has every buyer sign to an agreement as an illustration of the buyer’s commitment to owning the car, forbidding them from simply selling it.

In fact, Ford managed to find itself in the spotlight in a bad way, when John Cena sold his Ford GT within weeks of getting it, to which the company responded by filing a class-action lawsuit against the wrestler-turned-actor.

For 2017, Ford managed to sell 89 Ford GTs, with 50 of them being sold from January through April. There isn’t an actual waiting list, but the supercars aren’t expected to come off any assembly line in the future.