Four New Models In Solar Panels, Homeowners Can Look Forward To In 2019

Solar energy is abundantly available form of energy that is environmentally friendly. We can harness solar power in a number of ways, like using photovoltaic cells (PV cells) to capture the photons from sunlight and convert them into electricity, harnessing solar thermal energy from the heat of the Sun and so on. The latest advancements in technology helped the researchers to search for innovative means to harness the maximum solar energy with minimum costs.

Consumers of Gold Coast solar Power and across the country are looking for solar panels that not only generate clean energy but also improve the aesthetics of their home. This demand for aesthetic solar panels has led to the development of improved versions. Here are some of the latest solar panels available in the market.

Frameless solar panels

Most homeowners complain about the hefty solar panel frame, which is the least attractive part of the solar panel.  Frameless panels are designed to remove this inconvenience and make solar panels look attractive. The frameless panels are fixed on specialized apparatus that matches with the panels.

Clear solar panels

The PV cells are sandwiched between opaque glass casings and installed on the windows or skylight of a building. The Clear solar panels or glass panels are visually appealing. They are durable, have low risk of erosion and are fire resistant.

Tesla Solar tiles

The modern solar tiles from Tesla enables homeowners to install solar panels on their roof without damaging the aesthetics of the house. The solar tiles are unrecognizable and do not alter the visual appeal of the home. These tiles are durable when compared to the other roofing materials.

Double-sided solar panels

These solar panels are also known as bi-facial solar panels. The double-sided solar panels are more effective in capturing the solar energy. They can capture the energy that reflects on the roof and also from the ground below the panel. These bi facial panels work effectively during winters as the panels can harness the energy reflecting from the white ground surface. These panels can be roof mount or ground mount.

Homeowners can speak to the solar panel installer about the different types of panels available with them and choose the model, which suits their requirement. It is advisable to get quotes from two or three Gold Coast solar power panel installers and choose the one, who offers best equipment at competitive prices.