Four Types Of Wedding Marquees

The popularity of marquee weddings is increasing in recent times. Couples prefer to plan their wedding in outdoor areas as they lend opulence to the wedding. Hiring marquees helps to improve the ambience of the wedding. Marquees are available in different styles to suit the theme and style of the weddings.

Some of the popular types of marquees available for marquee hire in Brisbane are

  • Framed marquee – This type of marquee are best suited for opulent and luxurious weddings. Framed marquees are the most expensive among the different types of marquees available for wedding settings. These marquees consists of a sturdy metal frame and are designed with structured walls, hard floors, doors and windows. These marquees have arrangements for lighting, air conditioning and heating built into their design. This marquee requires huge space to set up and are suitable for winter and summer weddings, which require proper air conditioning or heating arrangements to keep the guests comfortable. Couples can hire this type of marquee from popular marquee hire in Brisbane companies.
  • Canvas marquee – These marquees are flexible and can be adjusted according to the style and theme of the wedding. Canvas marquees are cheaper when compared to framed marquees. These traditional type of marquees are perfect choice for couples planning an intimate wedding with only few guests. These marquees are best suited for dry weather as they are not wind and water resistant. Canvas marquees are easier to accessorize.
  • Indian tent marquee – These marquees can be erected on poles or based on a strong frame. Indian tent marquees offer great style to the interior. They sport rich colours and exotic fabrics. The furniture in these marquees tends to be basic with low seating and dining areas. Couples can plan Indian tent marquee hire in Brisbane, if they plan an Indian or Moroccan theme for their wedding.
  • Tepee style – These marquees are tents that are erected on tripod style pole arrangement. Tepee style marquees can be used to provide extra room for bar or reception areas. Another type of tepee style marquee available with marquee hire in Brisbane companies is the Kata style marquee, which consists of several Tepeemarquees which are connected to each other.