Getting A Certification To Scuba Dive

There is a kind of freedom that only scuba diving can offer. This may be the reason why enthusiasts are taking up divemaster course in Thailand in order to swim among hundreds of fishes and underwater creatures. It is important to note that proper certification should be obtained through PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

While it is not considered illegal to dive without the proper certificate, it is not as safe. In addition, certified divers said that the experience is not as fun. The certificate represents that you have reached a new level of education and not just a mere title printed on paper.

Brian Skerry, a popular underwater photojournalist and contributor at the National Geographic, said that it is a question of how much one values their lives. He added that when a person participates in activities that are life threatening, they are simply betting without reassurance.

There are resort courses offered for people who are diving in shallow coral reefs, between 20 and 30 feet as long as the water is warm. Still there are risks present because the diver could feel claustrophobic or they could panic when a barracuda appears to be swimming nearby. The bottom line is that resort courses might work for some but if you are planning to dive frequently then it is better to get the proper certification.

Physically, one must be able to swim for a couple hundred of yards and water treading for a minimum of 10 minutes is also required. The oxygen tanks can be quite heavy therefore one might have trouble standing up but somebody will be there to help during the course of training.

As for the cost, the initial payment will be around $185 for an online course. The next phase is to dive in a pool which might cost an additional $200. The third part which is the final phase is the open water training. The cost will depend on how far you are from the ocean. If you are going on a holiday in Thailand, it is best to take the divemaster course in Thailand in order to avoid additional costs.