Glasdoor Releases Data On Most Well-Paid Jobs In The US For 2019

Different professions offer different salaries and rewards for its professionals, that much is recognized. The minutiae, however, tends to shift around as the markets change and adapt to the world. Such data is important, as salary is one of the biggest attractors for potential employees. With the US’s job market being so tight, as well as a recession potentially waiting in the future, knowing which jobs and companies offer the best salaries for people is more important for jobseekers than ever.

The Glasdoor Economic Research Blog decided to shed some light on the matter, compiling salary data from 2019, collecting salary information from its users, which it then organized and grouped to analyze easier with an algorithm to make the list, factoring in things like location and seniority. There’s good news for many an Easton dentist and other healthcare professionals, as they sit pretty at the higher spots on the list.

Glasdoor concedes the fact that a few of the jobs that pay the most, like healthcare professions, require years of advanced education, while other jobs are more reliant on work experience. They did, however, note that companies are looking for workers with extensive knowledge and experience, and are willing to spend some extra resources to attract these exceptional people.

In their report, they noted how tech and healthcare are, unsurprisingly the highest paying professions in 2019. Physicians, in particular, remains the country’s highest paying profession, with a median base salary of $193,41, which is more than 3.5x higher than the country’s national average, which sits at $53,950.

Notably for any Easton dentist, dentists in the US sit at number 3 in the list, with a median base salary of $142,478 which, while more than $50,000 less than physicians, is still a good lead away from the rest of the professions on the list.

As for the highest paying companies in the US, Glassdoor noted that tech companies are in the lead, with the top three being Palo Alto Networks ($170,929), NVIDIA ($170,068), and Twitter ($162,852). The research group did note that a handful of spots on the list were taken up by non-tech companies, like McKinsey & Company, and Playstation, showing that there are high paying companies in the US outside of the tech industry.