Global Tourism After Travel Bans Have Been Lifted

Decades ago, bird’s eye view maps thrived in the United States. Many of the illustrated maps were created for companies. They were printed on brochures or posters as a form of advertising. Places that are frequented by tourists used the bird’s eye view maps to attract more visitors and businesses. Examples of bird’s eye view maps that can be used to sell a vacation can be found on their website.

Business travel is extremely important to the tourism industry but the days of flying to meetings are over. Most of the business traffic that the hospitality industry enjoyed in the past has been replaced by Zoom and other digital technologies. However, Flota Campo believes that this is just short term and the motivation of travellers will change.

Tourists are afraid to take a cruise or travel to other countries. Some countries do not allow tourists to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, Campo believes that this is short term. After the health crisis is over, people will be motivated to travel for relaxation, for fun, for a vacation or for business opportunities.

It is important for the tourism and hospitality industries to look beyond the crisis. Long term marketing strategies must address traveler priorities and preferences after the crisis is over. Tourists will be looking for new and authentic experiences. It is also important to take a closer look at the destination capacity because some areas have suffered from congestion in the past. Tourists must be encouraged to visit other new destinations to disperse travelers.

Tourist destinations must highlight their greener sceneries, the abundance of beautiful flowers in the mountains and the clean beaches. Bird’s eye view maps can be perfect marketing tools to highlight these destinations. It is about time to pursue sustainable and responsible tourism after the travel bans have been lifted.

Less popular travel destinations can make use of bird’s eye view maps to attract the attention of travelers who prefer a more authentic travel experience. The kind of playfulness present in bird’s eye view maps is very appealing. Examples of bird’s eye view maps can be found on their website in case you are interested.