Harnessing The Beauty Of A Farm For Team Building Activities

It is common for companies to sponsor outdoor team building activities for their employees because it breaks down the usual personality barriers of day-to-day office life. Employees are given the opportunity to freely express themselves and interact with their colleagues in an environment that is different from the workplace.

Jamie Finn grew up on a farm and played football and soccer although he was not among the more talented players. He harnessed the natural beauty of the county in organizing “On the Ball” weekend team building activities.

When Jamie was playing football, he noticed how the talented players had a natural network. There was a gap between those that lacked the talent and talented ones. Some of teams were not playing to their fullest potential because of team morale.

Jamie who had a business degree from the University of Limerick was very involved in media promotions and social media. He saw the importance of having a strong team behind him. During a festival boot camp, he saw how 60 lads who never knew each other quickly became part of a team.

Jamie is planning to host “On the Ball” team building during weekends for GAA teams; however, he has also an eye for corporate team building activities. He wants to use the farm, mountains and the local GAA pitch as his resources. When he did a trial last week, the results were fantastic.

One part of the activities is digital detoxing which is not actually difficult because mobile coverage is very poor in the area. After talking to some people from sports organizations, he found out that young teams have difficulty interacting with their colleagues because they were always busy on their mobile phones. Outdoor teambuilding during weekends will provide the opportunity to switch off and work together in a natural and beautiful background.

Most employees prefer outdoor team building activities than being cooped up inside the conference room. The outdoor activities improve their trust and reliance on others. Their attitudes are enhanced and their outlook refreshed when they are given the opportunity to be active outside the typical workplace. The experience is amazing and definitely rewarding.