Has Amazon Entered The Home Security System Industry?

If you are a business owner, you want your products, assets and equipment to be safe and protected from harm when no one is around. One of the best options is CCTV solutions in Perth that can minimize the number of hiding places that an intruder can use. CCTV’s are the best deterrent for employees including customers who have inappropriate plans in their minds.

Last July, it was revealed that Amazon was surreptitiously working on an answer to Best Buy’s Geek Squad by offering installations and repairs of home Wi-Fi, smart devices for the home, Alexa installations and other hardware-associated services. Amazon never made a confirmation at that time but the service is now being officially called as “Smart Home Services.”

The portal that offers home security services includes equipment that would require in-person visits to Amazon consultants for installation and advice. The security package that is being sold in 5 price tiers, for a flat fee does not include monthly service contracts.

The least expensive among the Amazon security products is Outdoor Base for $240. This includes an Echo Dot with indoor and outdoor lighting that is designed to make it look like there is someone at home. The most expensive at $840 is Smartest that includes an alarm, motion sensors, safety sensors, camera, Echo Dot lighting and video doorbell.

Notwithstanding the lack of information, the security package is now being promoted at the homepage of “Smart Home Services.” If you will pay attention to the reviews made by consultants, it appears that the security offering has been around since last December.

The option of a full service security offering makes sense because there are some early adapters that prefer to undertake the challenge of installing a system on their own. However, there will be late adapters who are not interested in trying DIY techniques.

If the home or your business happens to be located in a building, it is very likely that there are many hiding areas for intruders. The ultimate form of security is CCTV solutions in Perth that can efficiently detect any suspicious activities so that they can be dealt with quickly.