How Can Thailand Increase Tourism-Based Receipts And Overcome Shortcomings?

Different hotels can be found all over Thailand in order to meet the demands of the tourism industry. Tourism is actually the pillar of the Thai economy with hotels employing 11% of Thailand’s workforce. The industry’s productivity is quite high with the potential to increase tourism-based receipts if hotels are made more attractive to tourists. For example, hotel near All Season’s building in Bangkok while conveniently located has made the effort to design rooms for complete comfort and convenience.

However, in spite of tourism’s potential to further increase its receipts, there are lots of shortcomings that need to be overcome. In selected provinces, there is an over concentration of visitors that results into several issues. For example, sustainability has become an issue because of the environmental damages that has affected several parts of southern Thailand. As news of overcrowding spreads all over the world as well as the damages to the natural beauty of the islands, visitors will eventually be discouraged.

According to a recent whitepaper “Insights on digitalization of Thailand industry” that was published by the government, popular destinations like Bangkok and Phuket are over saturated with visitors. Thailand has 77 provinces but only 8 enjoy four million tourist arrivals annually. 46 of the provinces only receive less than a million tourists. Because these provinces are rarely visited by tourists, they do not enjoy the benefits of tourism dollars.

The issue being faced by the less visited provinces is beyond livelihood. Infrastructure continues to be stagnant and the standard of living of the locals is not uplifted. In order for Thailand to sustain its tourism goals, the number of tourist arrivals must be spread evenly. Tourist attractions must be established for the industry’s longevity. Local communities must be encouraged to participate in all tourist-related activities. For example, local Thais can provide authentic experiences that cannot be replicated in other countries.

Meanwhile, hotels must continue to improve their offerings. Aside from providing accommodations that are designed for comfort and convenience, hotel near All Season’s building also boasts of fast and friendly service with additional amenities for guests that include a fitness centre for workouts, spa to feel good and an outdoor swimming pool for relaxation.