How Dental Practices Are Affected By COVID-19

A wide variety of careers and businesses are affected by the spread of corona virus and this includes dental practices. Unprecedented steps have to be undertaken by affordable dental solutions to make sure that their patients are safe even if they have to temporarily close their practices because of the virus. People must understand that they cannot see their dentists until the spread of the virus has been effectively controlled.

According to Dr. Sumeet Bagai of DuPage Dental Smiles, the goal of dentists right now is not to overwhelm the medical system. Dentists belong to a high-risk profession because they cannot stay 6 feet away from a patient. During dental treatments and procedures, the distance between the dentist and patient is only 6 inches.

Last Monday, Bagai closed his practice to comply with the guidance from Illinois State Dental Society and the American Dental Association. Dentists are being persuaded to postpone elective procedures for the next 3 weeks in order to mitigate the spread of corona virus. However, emergency procedures are still allowed for patients who are suffering from swelling and pain.

Dental procedures that are being put on hold include routine cleanings, filling and cosmetic procedures like whitening and veneers. These procedures are very unlikely to cause any problem over the next few months. A procedure can only be considered an emergency if it involves an accident where the patient hits the face and breaks or fractures a tooth or more.

The closure of dental practices is expected to impact the bottom line but it is necessary to ensure that people are safe. The goal is to slow down the progression of the virus so that people won’t get infected. Patients who need immediate dental care can call the dentist and discuss ways to resolve the problem. Most dentists are available to respond to their patient’s questions.

Patients can visit for more information on dental implants, dentures, full mouth restorations and crowns. Experienced and skilled dentists provide the most efficient and advanced treatments possible for all people regardless of their financial situation, gender or age. Costs are low but you are guaranteed high quality dental care.