How Map Illustrations Are Done?

It will feel great if you invent and draw map illustrations depicting some of the legendary world builders. Just like Roald Dahl, George R. R. Martin and Tolkien, they have used characters in their worlds. These maps can be used in the real world to show an area or city guide. In this article, here’s how you can make one, using your own style

  • Choose an Area

For this case, let us choose the city of Paris. If you use Google Maps, you find the perimeter of the city in lovely shape, but here we’ll incorporate it into a design. You can use the geographical tool to plot and choose an area.

  • Gather Images and Research

Many places we try to map are quite impossible to visit in reality; so, let’s gather some images about the places and research about them to have a better idea to include onto the map. Depending on how you want to illustrate the images, you can always Google the face of the images you want to draw.

  • Routes and Paths

Illustrate in your map illustrations relevant routes and paths which help define the place.

  • Draw the Roads and Routes

Once you draw an urban map, a great place to start is the general shape of the place, including its main roads. Many times, the city will have a border like rivers and sea to break up the composition. You can also colour smaller roads, rivers and streams to differentiate them from the main roads.

  • Adding Places of Interest

Now the main areas are there, you can then add buildings and sites on your map. If you’re using a software like Photoshop, you can draw them separately and drop it on the map.

  • Decoration and Foliage

Now that your map illustrations look attractive and interesting, you can add decorations and fun details onto it. Trees and foliage make the map more unique. You can also add interesting shapes and colours.

  • Extras and Finishing Touches

You can complete the map illustrations by adding an interesting title. You can also add other details such as the residents of the area.