Importance Of Choosing A Reliable Contractor For Bathroom Renovation Projects

Many homeowners are renovating their homes in preparation for old age. Aside from installing grab bars in the bathroom, they use non-slip bathroom tiles to avoid slip and fall accidents. There are tiles with slip-resistant texture on the surface but remains attractive and durable for a long period of time.

Maggie and Bill Hollings worth are in wheelchairs and they need to undertake renovations to make the home wheelchair-friendly. However, the couple cannot afford the renovation costs. They applied for a grant from March of Dimes Canada and Kingston Frontenac Renovations program.

Since Bill became paralyzed after the stroke and cannot move, Maggie applied to March of Dimes for an accessible bathroom on the ground floor of the home. March of Dames gave $15,000 while Kingston Frontenac Renovations gave $10,000. Maggie hired Bergs Elevating Repairs and General Services to undertake the renovations.

Maggie made a huge mistake because of the unexpected problems that resulted from the renovation. The washroom was supposed to be larger with an open concept shower so the steps that went down into the room where the sink, toilet and shower were installed were removed. However, the contractor failed to level the floor. This resulted into water from the shower to miss the drain and run into the hallway.

According to Global News, March of Dimes told them that the grant can be adjusted in order to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. The timeline has to be adjusted so that necessary work can be completed. However, the contractor, Scoot Forbes did not return to fix the issues. He told Global News that their office refuses to comment on the issue because it is an infringement of confidentiality. They need to seek permission from the funding organizations.

Meanwhile, March of Dimes said contractors are independent businesses and do not require permission to address their own services or practices.

Homeowners who are planning for a renovation usually choose the bathroom tiles that they have dreamed of including in the design. There is a wide range of elegant colours to choose from in various sizes to enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom. When tiles are crafted from quality material they can stand the test of time.