Importance Of Temperature-Controlled Transport In The Distribution Of Vaccines

Temperature-controlled transport is very critical to prevent any unnecessary loss of quality during the delivery and distribution of perishable goods. Titan Transline has temperature-controlled trucks that are specially designed with insulated walls and refrigeration units to maintain a specific temperature for highly vulnerable products.

Multi-national pharmaceutical company Pfizer is probably the first company in the United States to seek regulatory approval for the COVID-19 vaccine. However, even if the company gains approval, the challenge will be distribution. The vaccine will require special ultra-low temperature freezers at approximately 94 degrees below zero for storage.

The delivery process is expected to be very complex and will require custom-built cool boxes that can store from 1,000 to 5,000 vaccines for up to 10 days at minus 94 degrees. According to Brian Gleeson, senior director of Pfizer’ global supply and product portfolio management, a shipper needs real-time temperature-monitoring devices and GPS tracking and technology for 24/7 in-transit control.

Pfizer supplies existing vaccines to at least 165 countries and the company is confident that it can deliver and store doses to destinations designated by governments according to the product’s shipping and storage requirements.

However, Dr Nancy Messonnier, director of CDC’s National Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases has voiced her concerns over Pfizer’s storage requirements. She believes that the vaccine can only exist in a regular refrigerator for 24 hours. The complexities of vaccine storage and handling will be very critical in efficiently delivering the vaccine.

UPS is building freezer farms to store 48,000 vaccines from Pfizer. The freezer farms are strategically located across the country for swift distribution. However, the question is whether there are trucks with the capability to store the vaccine at the required temperature. How will the vaccine be distributed to every small town in Africa where there are no freezers?

Titan Transline offers temperature-controlled transport options for goods that may require heating and cooling to preserve their quality and integrity. There is a network of specially-engineered, insulated reefer units that can maintain product freshness and viability throughout the shipping process while complying with all relevant regulations across the border. The goods are guaranteed to arrive at their highest quality.