Important Features And Uses Of Neoprene

PC rubber or polychloroprene is a solid rubber material that is used for a number of purposes. It is manufactured by polymerizing chloroprene. The material has a number of application due to its flexibility and durability.

Some features of neoprene material are

  1. It is resistant to chemicals and oils.
  2. It is UV resistant and can withstand general weather conditions.
  3. It is abrasion resistant
  4. It can withstand huge temperature variations from -35 degrees to 125 degrees Celsius.
  5. It is commonly used in many industrial applications.

Applications of Neoprene

  • Sealing Material

Neoprene is most commonly used as a gasket for sealing purposes. Given the fact that it can withstand high temperatures, it is commonly used for sealing light fixtures and other electrical products.

  • Sports Equipment

It is also used in some types of sports shoes to provide extra padding and reduce the pressure on joints during high-intensity sports. It is also used to manufacture elbow, knee, foot, wrist and other types of supports. The durability of the neoprene material makes it ideal to be used in sportswear.

  • Medical Equipment

PC rubber material does not lose shape and flexibility with long term wear and tear. Hence it is used in the production of a number of medical braces and supports.

  • Covers and Sleeves for Electronic Equipment

It has resistance to electricity and does not allow the build-up of static and hence majorly used in the protective casings for laptops, PCs, mobile phones and other electronics. Neoprene is also used for mobile sleeves and cases.

  • Wet suits

Neoprene is the most preferred material to make wet suits, dry suits and other jackets. PC rubber is water resistant and can withstand very low temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice to make wet suits for waders, snorkelers, divers etc. Moreover, it is highly elastic and does not obstruct body movement while swimming and performing underwater activities.

  • Seat Covers

Due to its features like water resistance, ability to withstand high and low temperatures, resistance to oils and chemicals, and high durability neoprene is also used to manufacture seat covers for vehicles.

Neoprene is a versatile material with many beneficial features and high durability. It has a number of industrial applications and is widely used as gaskets, protective casing and seat cover.