Important Information About MIG Welders

MIG welding is one of the easiest forms of welding, it is also called as the “hot glue gun” of welding. MIG welding uses electricity to melt pieces of metal and join them together. This process was started in the 1940’s and is still very popular form of welding. MIG welding can be used on for metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, magnesium, bronze, copper, nickel etc.

MIG means Metal Inert Gas. The Mig welders use an inert gas, which is pumped through a welding cable from a metal tank. A MIG welder is the most preferred type of welder for beginners because it has a number of heat settings. You can set the right temperature depending on the penetration required for the metal.

There are different types of MIG welders. Some of the most used are Metal Inert Gas welder, Metal in Gas welder, Gasless MIG welder, wire Feed Welder and Mas Metal Arc welder. Some of the Mig welders use an inert or active gas as a shield for the weld puddle while the others use a wire without a shielding gas. The process of using a wire instead of a gas is known as gas less wire welding. The gas-less welders are generally used by home users.

Uses of MIG welders

MIG welders are used in a variety of projects. Since these welders are easy to use, they are the preferred model of welding machines both for professional and amateur welders. They can be used in large projects which require welding of huge pieces of machinery to simple home and garage projects.

Benefits of MIG welding

  • MIG welding can be used to weld different type of metals.
  • The MIG welders possess all-position welding capability.
  • MIG welding provides deep penetration and good weld quality.
  • The risk of weld spatter is very less.
  • It is easy to learn to use MIG welders.

Drawbacks of MIG welding

  • This form of welding can be used only for metals with thin or medium thickness.
  • The quality of weld is inferior when compared to other forms of welding like the TIG.
  • The Mig welders require external source of shielding gas and hence they are less portable than the arc welders.