Increased Rodent Activity Due To New Restrictions On Rodenticide Use

California’s weather makes it an ideal place for different kinds of pests like red ants, black widow spiders, cockroaches, fleas and ticks and rodents. Red ants can initiate allergic reactions while black widow spiders are dangerous. Cockroaches are difficult to eradicate and fleas, ticks and rodents are hazardous to health. If any of these pests are present in your home or commercial space, you can call Exterminators Now for pest eradication.

In Ireland, new regulations limited the use of rat poison. The result is increased rodent activity and infestations in indoor settings like food establishments. According to National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) in Ireland, rodents have become more difficult to exterminate after they are detected.

Results of a survey on 60 member companies revealed that the amount of rat and mice detections in kitchens and indoor areas have increased by 40% to 60% after the new restrictions on rodenticide use. There are companies that reported 90% increase which is very alarming.

Rodenticides or rat poison were re-authorized to be used all over Europe in 2018 but there were new rules designed to prevent primary and secondary poisoning of non-targets like wildlife and pets. While the use of rodenticides is permitted because of the lack of a satisfactory alternative product, it is subject to mitigation of risks.

Licensed pest control services, farmers and gamekeepers cannot use rat poison as a preventive measure. Rat poison can only be used after detection of rodent presence. However, NPTA spokesperson said that by the time rodents are discovered, it is already too late.

Even when rat poison is finally used, it will take a longer time to eradicate the problem. It will take about 6 to 16 days longer. Vermin is also less inclined to take the poison particularly if they have discovered a food source in restaurants and food establishments.

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