Increasing Number Of Rogue Removalists In Australia

There are hundreds of companies that make an honest living doing removals in Sydney while there are those that profit from the consumers but don’t deliver as promised. The latter are the rogue removalists that have been plaguing many consumers. They are able to bait consumers into hiring them by giving discounted offers and affordable rates. This is because the removal industry in Australia still consists of unregulated sectors up to these days.

Complaints from consumers are staggering because the removal company they hired did not show up on the expected day. As a result, they have to pay rent on their old rental since they did not move out on time or they have to pay for storage fees in order to have somewhere they can keep their furniture and items especially if they can’t extend rent in their old place. There are also complaints from customers who received their belongings on time but with damages.

There was a woman renting in Sydney planning to move to the Gold Coast but the removals company she hired came only two days after their supposed move out date. As a result, she had to pay extra rent to her landlord because of late clearance. An elderly moving from Adelaide going to Broome also experienced one of these rogue removals company. She thought she got a jackpot because the backloading company offered her a discount but they never showed up and she was forced to hire another company despite having paid in advance with the first one.

The governing body in the removal industry is AFRA or Australian Furniture Removers Association but the problem is that anyone can legally work as removalists even without having the proper training, equipment or vehicle. Joe Lopino, the executive director of AFRA, said that anyone who plans to have a furniture removal business or other backyard businesses can do so because there is no law that says they must have a license or proper training.

He added that because of the number of removals in Sydney that are not regulated, customer complaints are staggering. The only thing they can do is to peruse the company well before hiring and paying them in advance.