India Wants Ecommerce Platforms To Address Fake Reviews Through Technology

At a product review site, you will find positive king kong agency reviews from satisfied customers. This is not surprising because happy customers are usually more inclined to share their great experience with others. Reviews are powerful marketing tools that businesses use today to enhance brand awareness and credibility.

However, not all reviews can be trusted. Retail giant Amazon had to remove thousands of ratings after Financial Times investigation revealed that top reviewers in the UK are making reviews as a profitable cottage industry. Reviewers are giving 5-star ratings to unknown products from Chinese brands.

Amazon has invested more than $500 million to track fake and abusive reviews in 2019; however, the effort did not stop the platform’s problems. At least 2,500 groups that are promoting Chinese brands have caused ratings to spike to increase sales.

There are web tools like FakeSpot and ReviewMeta that can be used to address the concerns by distinguishing between legitimate and fake reviews. However, there must be a concerted effort among companies to expose fraud instead of acting and imposing fines after the deed has been done.

India’s approach is to demand ecommerce platforms to clean up their websites and to rely more on technology and research to address fraud.

Getting favourable king kong agency reviews is not actually a difficult feat. Start a conversation with a customer and gauge the level of satisfaction before requesting for a feedback. Reach out to customers with negative experiences and focus on the problem before asking them to rate the service. Respond to all reviews even the negative ones.