Interesting Activities To Do In Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful beach town in Thailand. Tourists from all over the world frequent the town to enjoy the sun, sand and beach. The beautiful islands in and around Phuket, offer a range of exciting destinations for tourists.

There are plenty of interesting activities for travellers in Phuket. They can hire a boat charter in Phuket and enjoy diving in the clear waters of the ocean. They can enjoy a soothing massage or go for a nature hike to enjoy the beautiful forests and waterfalls. Tourists can also relax in their luxurious beach resorts and enjoy the thriving nightlife of the city after it is dark. Though it is not as popular as Bangkok, Phuket also has a good collection of street markets which sell clothes and accessories.

Here are some of the interesting activities for tourists, who are planning a trip to Phuket

Explore the island at your own pace

Phuket is a beautiful island. Tourists can hire a motorcycle and explore the quaint and beautiful beaches on the island or the rustic countryside. They can hop on a Songthaew, the local buses in the town and explore the island on their own. They can also hire a boat charter in Phuket and go on day trips to the neighbouring islands.

Explore the wildlife

Phuket has interesting nature parks. You can visit the Sirinat National Park, which lies on the beach. You can also visit the Khao Phra Taew National park, which is home to virgin rainforest and has a varied collection of flora and fauna. The Khao Phra Taew national park is a good choice for hiking enthusiasts, who want to explore the sites away from the touristic chaos.  Tourists can also hire a boat charter in Phuket to visit the surrounding islands. They can dive into the ocean and explore the indigenous marine life in their natural habitat.

Enjoy the beaches

Phuket is the beach capital of Thailand. The island has many popular beaches, which are frequented by tourists. Apart from these busy beaches, there are many quaint and unspoilt beaches and coves in Phuket and surrounding islands, which can be visited on a day trip. Hire a boat charter in Phuket and plan a day trip to the many beauty islands near Phuket.