IRS Brought Jail Time To Escort Service Manager

There are many legal Sydney escorts but there are also those that are getting in the hair of the IRS because they are not paying the proper taxes. This is what happened to a manager of an escort service company based in Miami. Due to cheating, the owner will now have to face two years of jail time as indicated by a court document.

The owner of the escort service company called Elite Miami Escorts and Elite Escort Service, Dennis Zarudny, faced eight counts by the IRS because of tax fraud. The charge was filed last year.

This year, during the month of April, he admitted guilt for one count of creating as well getting a subscription of a fake tax return back in 2012. After pleading guilty for this count, court documents show that the prosecutors decided to let go of the seven remaining counts against him.

At the beginning of the investigation, Zarudny already pleaded guilty about filing fake income tax returns, both personal and corporate. These false filing were committed for four consecutive years from 2011 until 2014. The court records also show that the income tax returns reported the company’s income but it was significantly different from their actual earnings.

A statement was released by the United States Department of Justice and they said that Zarudny gave their clients different payment options including credit card, check and cash as long as they hire an escorts’ services. In the income tax returns he filed, Zarudny was only truthful about the income they have earned from clients who paid through credit card but he did not include payment made by clients who are issuing check or paying with cash.

The records revealed that because of his underreporting, the IRS was not able to receive $558,772 worth of taxes. The website of the escort company details how they are offering services to upscale clients living around South Florida. Zarudny will now have to go to jail and will get a year of release with supervision. In order to avoid getting in trouble with Australia’s tax agency, Sydney escorts are advised to pay their taxes due without omission.