Is Shoplifting Possible In Amazon’s Checkout-Free Store?

Many stores nowadays use technology in the form of CCTV’s to monitor shoplifters. On the other hand, the videos on CCTV’s can also help the shoplifting lawyer to prove that his client is being wrongfully accused of committing a crime. There are instances when people who are accused of shoplifting are detained and mistreated by store security due to an honest mistake.

Amazon’s checkout-free store is the closest thing available to legal shoplifting.  Amazon Go is the first of its kind checkout-free store in Seattle for Amazon employees and tourists. The store is located on the ground floor of Amazon’s 37-storey headquarters in Seattle. There is a special door that can be accessed by Amazon employees so that they do not have to go to the street.

Outside the convenience store, tourists will usually pose for selfies because it is the only store in the world where there are no queues, cash and items in the bagging area. However, there are smartphone controlled gates and cameras.

Before a shopper can enter the store, he had to download a special app that links to an Amazon account and credit card. A code will be generated on the phone which will be scanned at the tube-style automatic gate before the shopper can enter. From that moment, all the movements of the shopper will be monitored by hundreds of cameras attached to the store’s ceiling.

Cameras and pressure plates on the store’s shelves will detect what item was picked and added to the virtual shopping cart. When an item is returned, it is deducted from the total. Nobody checks the shopper’s bag as he walks out of the electronic gate. After a few minutes, a receipt will pop out on the smart phone. Shoplifting in the store is virtually impossible because of the number of cameras on the ceiling that monitors the shoppers from all angles.

One of the biggest costs that stores face is shoplifting. However, it is important to present substantial evidence that a person is shoplifting because an experienced shoplifting lawyer will review and evaluate evidences presented to determine whether there is a solid case against his client. Stores can detain shoplifters but only for a reasonable period of time with probably cause.