Jail Time For Perth Mint Thief

Joseph Charles Viola is 29 years old and works as an IT contractor. Life took a turn for him when he was arrested because he stole from Perth Mint. He took gold bars worth $55,000 and he also stole a limited edition coin from the company. All of these happened in 2016 between the months of February in April. The business is known for its security measures and installing security doors in Perth but it did nothing as this was a case of an inside job.

Six charges of stealth were filed against Viola because of stealing the gold bars and also a Kimberley sunrise coin which is tagged to be a limited edition release. The arrest came after an audit conducted by the security team of the company. They found out that the vault which holds the gold bars and the coins are missing five gold bars along with eight of the gold coins.

This is when they decided to look into the CCTV footage of the area and saw Viola stealing a gold coin inside the vault and keeping it inside the computer tower undetected. He would hide the coin inside the pocket of his trouser before leaving Perth Mint at the end of his work hours.

Investigations were conducted after and it was found out that Viola has been secretly transacting with a gold bullion dealer near the company’s address. He was able to receive over $50,000 in payments. The dealer said that he sold a gold cast bar weighing 10-ounce and a Kimberley Sunrise coin weighing 2-ounce. These items are worth $15,500 and $7,000 respectively.

According to the legal counsel of Viola, Graeme Allen, he only stole because he is desperate to meet the lifestyle demanded by his fiancée at that time. Despite the plea from the lawyer for a suspended jail term for his client whom he referred to as fragile and with complex psychological issues, the state prosecutor believed that he deserves immediate jail term.

Despite the security measures at hand and the security doors in Perth Mint, Viola was able to penetrate inaccessible areas because he used his job title as a guise. In the end, Viola received a sentence of two years in jail.