Kentucky Records Safest Year In History For Their Workplaces

An annual audit undertaken by a third party is the best way to ensure that the health and safety system implemented by the company is working properly. In Kentucky, their workplaces recorded the safest year in history because they made health and safety in the workplace as their major priority.

An annual gathering of workplace safety professionals from Kentucky companies was held recently in Covington. In the state’s premier occupational safety and health conference and exposition, Farmers Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation and Glasgow and Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Inc were given recognition for being the recipients of 2017 Governor’s Safety and Health Awards.

Kentucky’s all-time low injury and illness rate was worth celebrating about. In attendance to the conference were representatives of 48 companies that have earned the prestigious Governor’s Safety and Health Awards last year. Governor Bevin said that the Commonwealth will be the greatest version of itself if the health and safety of the workplace is given top priority. Companies in Kentucky were able to achieve this highest honour being leaders in the area but they have to continue in finding ways to raise the bar of excellence and make the workplace the safest and strongest in the country.

The Labour Cabinet called attention to a renewed focus on workplace safety education and training that is called “KY Safe.” The undertaking is to rebrand education and training services for the two million workers all over Kentucky. Hazards must be eliminated before any injuries occur to build better working relationships between Kentucky employers and their employees.

Aside from free onsite surveys, online training modules, OSHA training seminars and partnership programs, the Labour Cabinet is providing businesses of all sizes the necessary assistance to help them safeguard the workplace before a needless injury or illness occurs. Free consultative services are provided to employers to improve illness and injury rates.

It is very important for companies to gain an accurate range on how well their health and safety system works through health and safety audit in New Zealand. This involves a workplace visit from an auditor who will recommend ways to improve things if it is found out that the system is not working as expected.