Kia Leading From Nissan In Both Germany And Britain

Last month, data showed that the sales of Nissan in the United Kingdom went down by 54 per cent. Instead, the competitions are getting a head start. One of these is Kia which showed a monthly registration higher than before that it outshone the Nissan which is known to hold the title of being the top brand in Britain in all of Asia brands. The same thing has recently occurred in Germany. There are various reasons why it happened and suspension systems are one of them.

It might be too soon to tell but looking at the  European standpoint, it might not be long before Kia achieved its goal for the longest time to reach sales of 500,000 for 2018. The volume is not the only thing that keeps the brand motivated but they also want to make sure that they will gain a profit from the sales and they want to improve the image of the brand more than before.

There are two factors that is currently an advantage to Kia in reaching a higher return of investment and their inevitable climb upmarket – their newest Sorento model and the Stinger which is a fastback coupe equipped with five doors.

There are already many reviews and articles about the Stinger and it clearly was warmly welcomed as the brand’s high-end model. For this reason, Sorento was not given much the spotlight despite the heavy work that has been done on the model. Sorento is basically a large SUV but it immensely upgraded the margins of the brand in the entire industry. The number one country for KME is still Britain and in this part of the world the Sorento is priced higher than the Stinger. The most expensive one which is the GT-line S is worth 42,610 in pounds.

Majority of the buyers are now shying away from diesel powered vehicles but it cannot be denied that it is the most ideal choice for those requiring a good torque level. The model was previously released in 2014 but a total transformation was conducted even on the suspension systems that it took on a whole new face. Evident to the large number of changes is the decision of Kia to change the model code to QM from its original UM.