Kindness Helped Save A Wedding

While some couples are busy looking for a chair hire in Melbourne, a couple in Helena Township did not expect that their wedding decorations will be consumed by fire. Emma and Jake Sik stored their wedding decorations inside the barn owned by the parents of the bride, Richard and Joan Driemeyer. The barn located in Helena Township went on fire.

Emma, who is a graduate of Jordan High School in year 2013, is going to have an outdoor wedding outside the home of her parents in just a month when the fire happened. The unfortunate news is that most of her wedding decors are kept inside the barn and it went up in smokes with the rest.

Included in the fire is the arch they are going to use for the wedding ceremony, the pews where the guests will be sitting, the decorations for the table save for the centerpieces , a cake topper she ordered custom-made from Etsy and the jar containers for their candy bar.

The fire also took the pickup truck owner by her aunt and uncle as well as the Firebird treasured by her beloved father. Jake has an ongoing project to restore the classic 1967 Buick Rivera along with an old Camaro. It is estimated that the car parts lost to the fire amounting between $5,000 and $6,000. Jake said that it is much easier to find replacement parts for his Camaro but it may be impossible for the Riviera.

When the fire happened, Emma and Jake had only a month before their wedding. Despite the fact that insurance will be able to pay for the decorations inside the barn, there wouldn’t be enough time to do everything all over again.

Emma tried to reach out to a local bridal page in Facebook and was overwhelmed by the number of people who commented where she can get decorations for an affordable price while some offered to let her borrow their stuff.

The community came together and they were able to gather all they needed before their wedding day. For brides preparing for a wedding in Australia, it is recommended to book for chair hire in Melbourne as soon as possible to avoid any issues days before the wedding unless they have a community such as Jake and Emma that is willing to go all out on helping save a wedding.