Kohler To Release New ‘Smart Bathroom’ Products

Technology has done a lot to improve the quality of lives of people across the world, from improving on necessities like foodstuffs, to bringing new luxuries to people like portable spas in Sydney, to making certain processes more convenient.

Even the home sweet home is being swept up in the craze. Beyond the introduction of portable spas in Sydney and across the world, homeowners across the world are embracing smart home technology. American kitchen and bath manufacturer Kohler is looking to take smart home technology a step forward. Into bathrooms everywhere.

The Wisconsin-based company has recently just announced a couple of these new ‘smart bathroom‘ products at the CES 2018 at Las Vegas.

These new products will have integration with the company’s iOS and Android app, KOHLER Konnect, allowing homeowners to control them with their phones. KOHLER Konnect is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform, and allows for hands-free motion control and voice commands. This software will be useful for the new products KOHLER announced.

One of the bathroom fixtures KOHLER wants to revolutionize is the mirror, with their new Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror. As the name implies, this mirror has LED lights, which can be controlled by voice-commands, allowing the user to activate them, and alter their luminosity without pressing a single button. This mirror also has a night light that automatically turns on whenever it detects someone in the area at night. Additionally, the mirror also has Alexa, allowing for morning news, e-mail, and weather checks. The mirror is available at 24″, 34″ or 40″.

The bathtub, a luxury of the bathroom, is also on the list, alongside the more common shower. Kohler’s smart showering system, the DTV+, now has KOHLER Konnect integration, allowing for voice commands for the shower. The new PerfectFill kit will do the same for bathtub, allowing homeowners to fill their tubs to their specifications without a single button press.  The PerfectFIll and the updated DTV+ will launch sometime in 2018.

The last product on the list is the ol’ toilet, with the new PureWarmth toilet seat and the Numi toilet. Both have heated seating, whilst the former has motion sensors that allow for flushing without touching the handle, the latter, meanwhile, has music functionality, coloured lighting, as well as a nifty foot warmer. Numi’s SRP sits at $6300.