Leeds Now Have Digital Garage By Google

Digital Garage by Google was recently launched in Leeds, the first in the United Kingdom. Digital Garage is a part of a program that aims to help around 2,000 businesses in Britain by teaching digital skills that could help their businesses such as good practice to be used when coding and how to use the internet.

Plans are also on the works for 25,000 teachers who will undergo training in computer science to be funded by Google. Code Club Pro, Raspberry Pie and Computing at Schools are a partner in this plan and it will be happening in the Garage as well as in local schools. The event will also include an improvement in training resources and computers which will be given by Raspberry Pi.

The announcement came after BBC revealed its own initiative called Make It Digital which will give 1 million children access to their BBC Micro Bit machine.

In 1982, the BBC Micro was launched and it was then designed by Acorn which is also the builder. Acorn is now called ARM and the same company is BBC’s partner in this new initiative.

Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor and the constituency MP of Leeds, and Eileen Naughton, boss of Google based in UK and Ireland was there in the launching of the Digital Garage. This initiative is a part of Google’s plan in training in digital skills at least 1 million Europeans and they will also be providing a European Online Training Hub.

Naughton shared that most small businesses in the UK are aware of the role website is playing in the success of businesses as well as the knowledge of basic tools in digital world. The same cannot be said for SMEs where only 30 per cent are tapping online. Naughton said that it is their goal to help the remaining 70 per cent.

She also goes as far as explaining how they aim to provide small business owners with advice and help UK in building its name as having the most digitized economy and get the title of having the most developed e-commerce market in the globe.