Literary-Themed Shopping Bags By Barnes & Noble

Custom shopping bags are a popular choice these days. Strategies of marketing teams nowadays are observed to be not limited to advertisements through the usual billboards or online ads. Personalized shopping bags are observed to be inseparable to the creative and effective promotion of many kinds of goods.

Barnes and Noble, known as the largest retail bookseller in the United States and leading in digital media, was reported to take a step in the production of their new uniquely designed shopping bags. The graphic excellent company is reported to distribute more than 90 million bags a year, and this time, they have thought of a pretty cool idea of featuring in their shopping bags first pages from classic literature works.

According to Sagi Haviv, a partner at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, having the words and images printed on the actual shopping bags makes different books come to life. Making these shopping bags even more realistic as the physical classic books are the serif font style and evocative images well chosen to represent a particular piece of work; for instance, in a shopping bag designed based on The Wizard of Oz, the image of the Wicked Witch of the East with its feet poked out of a house is used.

The B&N started out in the 1970’s with a bag designed by M&Co’s founder Tibor Kalman. While online transactions for buying books and digital books read in different platforms have been the latest trend in reading at this age of technology, Barnes and Noble is said to continue the management of a total of 649 brick-and-mortar stores with annual sales reaching up to $1.4 billion. The great news for bookworms who prefer to visit B&N bookstores instead of doing their book shopping online is that closures were reported to decrease from 20 to 13 as the company still sees the fruits of managing these retail stores.

According to Barnes & Noble executive Kaplan, he has seen a lot of people reusing the newly designed shopping bags in his travels around town and that is a good indication that their newest design is working.