Maldives As An Attractive Market For Products And Services From India

The azure waters of Maldives is one of reasons why people from all over the world flock to the islands. The tiny country is well known for its beaches, coral reefs and lagoons. Travellers and honeymooners can expect some peaceful moments at the 5 star resort in Maldives where time stops and worries are brushed away.

Aside from tourism, the economy of Maldives is also dependent on imports. According to the members of the MSME’s trade bodies from both Maldives and India, Indian MSMEs have the opportunity to export different items for daily use like food products, medicines, handicrafts and garments. They also have the option of investing in the service sector that includes banking, finance and hotels.

Abdul Latheef, President of SME and Entrepreneurship Foundation of Maldives (SEFM), Maldives is an attractive market for Indian goods and services because its economy is totally dependent on imports. The SEFM delegation represents members from sectors that include travel and tourism, construction, IT, logistics and many more.

Representatives from the Federation of Indian Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (FISME) attended the discussions between Maldives and India after political stability has returned to Maldives after the September 2018 elections. Export-oriented industries will also be collaborating with Singapore.

In 2017, India’s exports to Maldives have exceeded $200 million. An Indian Expo will be organized for September 2019 by SEFM so that India SME’s can boost the visibility of their products and services and be noticed by Maldives businesses. Most of the products and services offered by India’s SMEs are for tourism.

Maldives’ beaches are considered as one of the best in the world and Indians do not require visa to be able to visit the islands. Furthermore, a large number of budget hotels and bed & breakfast accommodations have been added for all types of travellers.

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