Meat Cove Business Benefiting From Tourism Industry

The dead ended road found in Cape Breton might be the last thing you will see in a map illustration but it is actually the location of a thriving tourism business. The owner of the Meat Cove Campground is Patti MacLellan and her parents established the business three decades ago.

The 26-year-old was just a part of the couple’s future when it started out. MacLellan said that in the last five years, the business has been receiving a steady increase in bookings from travelers. As of writing, their campground has 30 unserviced sites while there six cabins available. Construction of four additional cabins is ongoing but even after these have completed she admitted that they might need more in order to keep up with the demand.

MacLellan described their current operation as crazy busy because the cabins have been booked everyday and the latest anyone could book is two weeks from now. They are expecting that the demand might remain the same. She has been overseeing the family business since she was old enough to manage.

The business has been managed by her family for a long time and she is the seventh generation. In fact, Jada Buchanan who is her niece is already working as an ice cream server in the campground. Majority of the land that make up the small community in Cape Breton Island’s northern part are not bought by the owners but these are where their ancestors have chose to settle down.

Back in 2006, the family introduced a new business – Meat Cove Oceanview Chowder Hut and it was booming as well. This is the reason why MacLellan and all of her staffs are always on their toes.

Their visitors are travelers from Canadaas well as the United States while some are from Europe. They have even thought about putting up a map illustration in order to track those who have visited and the places where they came from. There are travelers coming from faraway places such as New Zealandand unknown islands that are not as popular in the world map.MacLellan said that social media is the main reason why they have sparked interest to travelers.