Model Room Offers Peek Into Future Trends Of Shower Screens

When you are working in the industry of either architecture, construction or even, interior design, you have to keep in mind that the industry you are working for at the moment, whether you are an interior design or a licensed structural engineer, your work goes beyond the drawing board or, in these technologically-advanced times, goes beyond the screen of your high-powered computers. You see, whenever you are designing anything, whether it’s a multi-story office building in the city or, a small-sized house within your neighbourhood, you have to take various considerations in the designs of the structure. For example, you have to consider the geographical location of the site where the structure is going to be built. If the site is within the radius of a fault, both active and not, you have to design that structure in such a way that it will be able to survive earthquakes should it going to be hit. Now, one of the important considerations you, as a licensed interior designer has to make is the materials that your workers will be using to build the structure. A perfect example of a material is the glass that can be used for mirrors, windows and even shower screens inside the bathrooms.


Recently, the construction of a model room that is going to be used by hotel guests at the still-under-construction Bristol Hotel has been completed so that the general public will be able to see what could be one of the rooms in the said hotel. Each room at Bristol Hotel, according to the project developer Marcus McCall, is unique. According to Mr. McCall, all rooms at the said hotel are carefully designed and are built only by using the quality materials to ensure safety of the guests. The said model room was built using the same materials that are used for the actual rooms from the lighting, to the carpet, to the bathroom that comes with shower screens for a little more privacy. The whole point of putting up a model room is one: to show to the public the future trends in hotel rooms and two, to give the public a preview of the amenities they can enjoy once the hotel is open.