Mosaic Bathroom Tiles And Colourful Rooms And Kitchen As Featured Works Of Art In A West Houston Property

A West Houston home surely is more than meets the eye as it features mosaic bathroom tiles, and 19 years worth of art.


The Canvas

Amy Kolflat, a realtor for the said property, explains that the house was originally built in 1999. The owner was a conservative business owner by day, but creates lovely mosaics by night.


After about two decades, it the interior of the home is now covered with colourful tiles— glass beads on the kitchen, mosaic bathroom tiles, seashells and fake animal skin and pets placed in different locations in the property. The three-bedroom home has become a canvas for the original owner.


Blank Walls

There are, however, some blank walls that could still be seen inside the home. This is because of the previous realtors who thought that change was necessary if the owner wanted to sell the property. She followed their advice and began removing some of the tiles on the walls of the bedroom. What was left was just about half of what the owner originally put into her home.


What stopped her was Kolflat’s convincing that she shouldn’t be taking these tiles off. Kolflat explained that the previous realtors told the owner that the home needs to be white or beige so more people would be interested in buying it, but she thinks otherwise. She adds that the home was a work of passion and love, and the buyers need to see the value of these works of art that the original owner worked hard for.


Realtor to the Artists

Kolflat is considered as the realtor to the artists around Houston. Just like the original owner of the property, she is also a fan of art and not being afraid to show it. She frequents Art Walk festivals, and it would be hard to miss seeing her with her zebra-coloured car.


She says that she is proud that in being able to preserve the Houston property, as the owner was only selling it simply because she was moving out of the state.


The property costs $179,900 and would be the perfect home to anyone who is ready to make it their own.