Movenpick Planning  Expansions; At Least 3 New Hotels In Thailand

The international hospitality group Movenpick Hotels and Resorts is currently working on its plans to expand on the Thai market, hoping to offer more exclusive deals Pattaya to customers, among other things, with a set objective of opening and operating three brand new hotels within the near future, according to Asia President Mark Willis.

Mr. Willis has been in charge of the company’s Asia operations since January of 2018, and has been working on its plans to expand in Thailand, which he says is a key market for them due to the opportunities presented by the travel and hotel sector in the country. He also says that Movenpick is quite optimistic about the growth of the tourism sector in Asia.

In line with this favourable forecast, Movenpick made alterations to its expansion plans to the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Thailand. Notably, Movenpick Asara Resort and Spa Huan Hin, Movenpick Resort Khao Yai, and Movenpick Resort Mai Khao are all expected to open within March, the next two months and early next year, respectively.

Willis says that Thailand has the reputation as a good destination, with an environment that allows for good travel and business experiences. He does, however, point out that the rest of Asia also has countries with similar environments, which should grow alongside Thailand, such as Vietnam.

Projections from the group estimate that it’s 1,382 across Thailand, distributed across six properties, will go up to 1,589 by the end of 2018.

The group’s properties had an increase in its average occupancy rate across Thailand by 5%, and Willis says that they are expecting more of this. He says that Movenpick expects Thailand’s and Asia’s average occupancy rate to grow by 3% and 4%, respectively in 2018.

2017 saw several developments from Movenpick across Asia, with Movenpick Hotel Colombo in Sri Lanka, Movenpick Resort and Spa Boracay in the Philippines, and Movenpick Residences Ekkamai Bangkok in Thailand, among others. According to Willis, the company is looking for more ground in Thailand, looking to find more hotels in key cities, hoping to offer exclusive deals Pattaya, among other things.