MPSJ At Fault For Blocked Drains In Malaysia

There is a factory located in TPP 1/37 called Taman Perindustrian Puchong and the owner is not happy with the MPSJ or Subang Jaya Municipal Council which is responsible for maintaining the drainage system around the area including the business.

According to the 43 year-old owner, Lim Yoke Loong, the council failed to perform maintenance on the drain for several years already.

He added that the drain has been growing vegetation inside while there are pieces of concrete stuck inside. Not to mention the amount of litter that is found inside which is the culprit for blocking the water flow thus leading to flooding.

Businesses in the United Kingdom contact reliable companies such as to handle drain maintenance as it is not the responsibility of the city but in the case of Mr. Loong, he is blaming the municipal council.

Mr. Loong further relayed that the covers for the main drain have already collapsed which is also blocking the system thus adding to the number of current issues. Because of this, sewage water is coming out of the manholes located in every lot. This is already a cause for concern because of the risk it presents to the health of the workers.

It was already two decades ago when he bought the lot. He only moved in the area in 2015 and it was then he noted that the area has not been cleaned for a while. Mr. Loong said that he forwarded his complaints to Ng Sze Han, a Kinrara assemblyman, a number of times last year but he was only told that owners should be the one fixing the issue.

He explained that it is expensive to hire a company to fix the drainage system. They do not have RM 50,000 for the drainage system and RM 100,000 for the sewerage system.

He also added that he called for a meeting among owners and tenants together with the Indah Water Konsortium to discuss the issue but many chose not to participate.

He is now appealing to MPSJ to fix the issue since they have been paying assessment taxes and thus should be able to receive such service.

For homeowners in the United Kingdom, it is important to prevent drains from clogging so as to avoid unnecessary cost. It is best to contact legit and reliable companies such as to perform maintenance on the drainage system annually.