Natural Skincare Products Are Not Just A Passing Trend In Australia

Those who are acquainted with natural skin care products in Australia know that this is not just a passing trend. It speaks of the rise in environmentalism and the convergence of beauty and wellness, two industries that are now heavily intertwined. However, natural skincare is still a relatively new terrain with its share of misconceptions, confusing advertisements and polarizing opinions.

The term natural skincare refers to a lot things from clean beauty, green beauty and organic beauty. However, as far as regulatory bodies are concerned, natural skincare is more of a marketing trend than official criteria.

The good thing with Australia is it has one of the strictest regulations for cosmetic chemicals. Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) governs which ingredients will be allowed on Australian products and reviews their safety. There is no technical regulation to using terms as “clean beauty” unless it is really a certified organic product which is listed on the label.

What makes natural skincare products more appealing is the claim of being non-toxic or chemical-free. Skincare companies market their beauty products as free from sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde and artificial fragrances. However, some companies do not disclose the ingredients used to replace them. They may be potentially just as toxic.

Ingredients like artificial fragrances and sulphates when tested at high strengths have detrimental effects on the skin or health. It can be misleading if the ingredients are used in much lower concentrations in skincare which may have no effect at all.

A beneficial or potentially irritating effect will depend on the amount of the particular ingredient used. It is common to use tiny concentrations of artificial fragrance to mask a smell of the base product but will have no effect on health. As it is tempting to think that natural is automatically superior, it is still important to determine whether the product works well with the skin

From sourcing to distribution, natural skin care products in Australia are 100% certified cruelty-free brand. The products are never tested on animals and they are not supplied to countries that mandate animal testing on cosmetics. Botani cares for the natural environment and precious animal life in creating products for the skin.