New Generation Paints Much Safer Now As They Lack Toxic VOC Fumes

Good news for homeowners, painters and decorators. The newer paints of today are safer now that paint industry had made it possible for toxins in the paint to no longer be an issue.

Painting and decorating is one of the most common tasks that are done at home. These tasks are done so often times during home improvement projects. People will have their homes painted and decorated so that they could achieve satisfaction by owning a decent and attractive home. Unfortunately, even with its popularity, the paints that were used before poses many health issues and risks as they contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs are the ones responsible for the strong toxic odor coming off from the paint and they are very dangerous to people with respiratory issues such as asthma or even allergies.

But with the advancements in technology and with the paint industry making great strides for improvement, toxins are no longer an issue. People tended to avoid painting and decorating during winters because they would have to open the windows to release the odor from the paint. Now, they can be assured that no odors will bother them as they paint, even in winters.

Shelby Paint and Decorating’s Brian Eisbrenner said that all the paint that Benjamin Moore sells these days now have zero VOCs. He said that in the past, it would take about 2 weeks for the odor to completely diminish from a room but now, one wouldn’t even notice that a room was newly painted if they had to depend on smell.

Benjamin Moore is not the only one that sells paint that has zero VOCs. Almost every manufacturing company is now producing and distributing non-toxic paint. They are now also focusing on making paint more environment-friendly and easier to choose colors which make for good business.

People’s choice of paint is now different than what they prefer in the past. Before, they would often choose paint of a vibrant color but people nowadays prefer paint that is darker in shade.

The paint business has truly changed over the years with more people engaging in DIY projects to save money. Some others prefer hiring professional decorators but either way, the paint industry is still booming.