New Magnetic Case Patented By Apple

According to Apple, the company has filed a patent for a case last March of 2015. This new case was developed in order to prevent cracked screen which is one of the most common complaints of Apple users. It can be used for both iPhones and iPads and will protect the devices during a fall. Despite filing for patent three years ago, the news only broke earlier this month. Many of the manufacturers of magnets in Brisbane got excited about the news because the said case employs magnet.

Based on a document submitted by Apple entitled Dynamic stabilized magnetic array, the case is considered a hi-tech gadget because it utilizes electromagnetic in order to bridge a connection between the accessories and the electronic devices. The device will have electromagnets as well as traditional magnets because it is believed that the combination will make the magnetic connection even stronger.

According to the patent by Apple, there are downsides in using permanent magnets because the fields created do not produce the ideal result. There are particular situations wherein the device cannot be used.

In addition, the magnetic coupling that is a result of the permanent magnet might not be able to stand against the stress of the working environment wherein the peak forces that are directed to the magnetic coupling are even greater than the forces created by the magnetic attraction.

The tech company said that electromagnets, on the other hand, are able to provide a magnetic field that is considerably stronger which exceeds that of permanent magnets under the high strength category.

It is the belief of the firm that electromagnets will help in preventing cracked or broken screens when the gadget falls to the ground with a strong impact. The patent described that there will be a magnetic array composed of electromagnets which will derive its power from the magnetic field sensor.

Once the gadget falls, a number of the electromagnets will turn off. The device will then fall off on the designated side called the crush zone. This release of the magnetic casing is expected to increase the demand for magnets in Brisbane and all over the world in order to meet the demand of Apple users.