New Standards For Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are truly significant nowadays. They are slowly evolving and adapting in our ever-changing world along side the digital advancement of things today. But, to begin with, what exactly are they? The general vacuum pump, a device which was invented by Otto von Guericke in 1650, has the ability to remove gas from a sealed volume for it to be able to leave behind a partial vacuum. Then, it was preceded by the suction pump until eventually it became antiquity. However, this specific device that has been put into good use by different industries in the world has gone through a lot of changes both systematically and in the mechanical aspect. Nowadays, a simple vacuum pump can do more than to leave behind a partial vacuum in a controlled volume.


The future that we are about to live in has already brought in visible changes in the way we live our lives. In effect, new technologies have enabled experts to come up with new standards as to how vacuum pump can be used. In addition to this, gone are the days when vacuum pumps were bulky and most of the time, needed to be carried by trucks for transportation purposes. Luckily, the vacuum pumps industry doesn’t need to worry about those. Below are some of the standards a vacuum pump should have:

  • Welcome to the new world where almost everything can now be “plug and play”. Only that vacuum pump cannot be played when plugged into a reliable and stable power source. The vacuum pump of today is now integrated into one compact package that comes along with the motor. To make it work, you just need to plug it in a power source and it’s ready to do its work.
  • Another standard that can be found in a new vacuum pump that we can see today is that it can work with an unmatched efficiency in terms of being able to deliver the lowest possible flow to match the needed level of vacuum. This alone makes a vacuum pump able to use everything because it wastes nothing.