New Tools Introduced By Facebook For SMEs

One thing that businesses invest into nowadays is employing professionals such as P W D to help improve digital marketing through SEO. Online innovations undeniably changed the business landscape and businesses have to cope up in order to stay ahead of the competition. To help small and medium businesses, Facebook recently introduced new tools that will help them in their daily day-to-day operations from editing videos, appointment booking and running an automated ad campaign.

Facebook helps SMEs through automated ads specialized for their business. By answering a few questions regarding the business and goals, a marketing plan that is customized for the business will be provided. With automated ads, the business no longer has to think about effective ads to play across a number of social media platforms.

Another daily operation made easy through Facebook is managing appointments. This feature makes it possible for businesses to handle appointments made through Facebook and even Instagram. The new feature can be easily accessed without having to subscribe to Facebook ads. Reminders can be sent via Messenger or SMS. It is also easier to sync the appointments with the business owner’s personal calendar or merge with another tool used for managing appointments.

It is now possible to edit videos found in Ads Manager with the new tool. It has three features available – overlaying of images or texts, automatic cropping and trimming of videos. The tool is very easy to use and does not need the help of professionals.

These Facebook tools are important but P W D still recommends employing web design to increase traffic and conversion through the business website.