New York’s New Regulations On Learning English In The Public School System

New York City’s new regulations cover everything from how students are identified to the kind of teachers they are entitled to. The new regulations want to improve academic standings and the progress of English learners who are behind their peers. In New York, more than 10% of students are English learners and they definitely need help to be able to graduate on time. However, according to Evelyn De Jesus of the United Federation of Teachers, the whole city is not complying with the regulations.

One example is the elder son of Shamsun Nahar who came from Bangladesh. Her elder son who is 18 years old is enrolled at a high school in the Bronx but since he has difficulty with English, he became socially isolated which will most likely result into a delay in this graduation.

It is very significant for schools to have its own English language teacher in the classroom even if only one student is learning English. In the past, students tend to receive their English language instructions outside of the school while they spend the rest of their time in a regular class trying out the words they have learned.  Both schools and districts must create programs where classes can be taught using two languages. The bilingual programs can be offered to students who are quite new to the city’s public education.

However, the difficulty is finding teachers who are both bilingual and licensed. Although Bengali is the fourth common language among English learners in the public system there are only about 3 Bengali programs in New York schools. State education officials are working with colleges and other schools so that they can recruit language teachers.  Regulations require that students need to get what they are entitled to. The city plans to spend $40 million to comply with the requirements for the coming school year.

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