Nintendo To Restart Development Of Metroid Prime 4

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Metroid Prime 3 came out in August 2007 and Metroid: Other M in 2010. The later was a great game but definitely not one of the best. In June 2017, Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4, a sequel to Metroid Prime 3 during a gaming conference. Fans were eagerly anticipating the sequel for more than a decade.

However, Nintendo recently announced that the company is restarting development of Metroid Prime 4 which will delay the release of the game indefinitely. According to Nintendo Senior Executive Shinya Takahashi, the widely anticipated game did not meet the company’s standard of quality. It was further announced that development will start from the ground up.

Nintendo understands the excitement of gamers but they did not want to disappoint fans by releasing a lackluster game. Retro Studio will be rehired so that their development team that was responsible for the original Metroid Trilogy can help producer Kensuke Tanake rebuild Metroid Prime 4. According to Takahashi, it will be a while before they release updates.

While waiting for Metroid Prime 4 to be released for Nintendo’s newest console, Switch, fans can look forward to a few upcoming games like Yoshi’s Crafted World, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the new Animal Crossing game.

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