Norton Grounds Self-Catering Receives Five Star

Dog friendly luxury self catering in Scotland has been a great business for those who want to get into the accommodations industry. While, in England, Norton Grounds has just received a five star rating from Quality in Tourism, the assessment centre for VisitEngland, for their self catering cottage for being able to provide quality service not only to people but to pets as well.

Among the notable accommodations of Norton Grounds is their large self-catering cottage Groves Barn, which received a five star rating, is able to accommodate up to eight adults. It is also an awardee of the ‘Welcome’ scheme for Cyclists, Walkers, Pets and Families and the National Accessible Scheme Mobility Level One for being accessible in providing services in its facilities.

Norton Grounds, which is based outside Chipping Campden, made its name by proving luxurious self catering accommodations not in newly built apartment buildings but in old barns which were converted into beautiful bed and breakfast apartments.

Norton Grounds, despite its accomplishments, is still busy adding new facilities to cater to the needs of their guests and to be able to keep their promise of providing five star services to their guests and to dogs as well.

Andrew Valender, who took over Norton Grounds along with his wife Clare, says that it was thrilling to see Groves Barn getting a five star rating from Quality in Tourism. He also prides himself of being able to provide the best breakfast as he himself is in charge of kitchen duties.

TripAdviser also provides great reviews for Norton Grounds. This all the more makes the Valenders optimistic that their business is off to a good start and could very well attract more customers in the coming months.

Norton Grounds also has an equestrian business that provides expert training from professional event riders. The success of Clare’s yard, the Valender Eventing, even attracted the likes of Olympic rider Vittoria Panizzon, who even built a custom yard on the Norton Grounds site.

Even after receiving the highest rating the Valenders are still open to expanding the success of the business by having event packages linked to local attractions. They are also planning on opening new facilities for pets and expanding the equestrian facilities with an indoor arena.