Office Furniture Donations From We Are Here Foundation

If there is one thing people might not expect to hear, it is the fact that networking can be a beautiful thing. Tom Cleaver coming from Sterling Heights proved it. He is also the man behind the We Are Here Foundation. He owes to networking the fact that his foundation now has office furniture on their hands that they need to give away to school districts and non-profit groups that are located in both Oakland and Macomb counties.

According to Cleaver, he founded the We Are Here Foundation which is a non-profit organization back in 1998 in order to clean up the lakes and rivers that are riddled with pollution especially those that are located in the south eastern part of Michigan like the Clinton River. In the last two decades, the volunteers of the group have already managed to remove a total of around 6 million pounds of garbage and debris.

Because the news needed to be shared, the brother-in-law of Cleaver who passed away got to share this information about the group to the Staples’ state manager while they were talking during a business conference held by the Michigan Business Professional’s Association. It so happens, Staples is also in search of a non-profit organization in order for the company to have a group to help them find beneficiaries for the office furniture stocks they can no longer sell. Ever since that they, through the efforts of his brother in law, the two formed a partnership and are working together.

Cleaver shared that they met the team at Staples around 4 years ago and ever since they have already donated new furniture to various school districts and non-profit organizations worth over $400,000. The partners are finding more beneficiaries to spread the love around.

Every year, Staples collect all the misfit furniture they have and those that have very minimal defects and these are all combined to be given to WAHF which is in charge of the furniture to be donated. They still have furniture left and are looking for beneficiaries.

If you have unused office furniture in New Zealand, it is best to donate them or give them away to organizations in need.