Oracle Releases Updates To Logistics Software To Assist Logistics Managers

The flow of goods from the origin to the point of consumption must be carefully organized and managed to satisfactorily meet the requirements of customers. It is important to work with a logistics provider like Tecdis Network that has the proper resources to store the goods correctly, deliver it on time with technical installation provided when necessary.

Logistics software is used by many companies regardless of the size because it can efficiently manage transport, freight invoicing, evaluation of data and many more. New releases of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud were recently released by Oracle in response to the needs of logistics managers in the global marketplace.

The new releases from Oracle will help logistics managers in reducing costs, streamlining of compliance with global trade regulations and acceleration of customer fulfilment. All these significant needs can be utilized through a single integrated platform.

According to Derek Gittoes, Vice President of SCM Product Strategy of Oracle, the dual releases made by Oracle can provide logistics managers with real time asset and cargo tracking to enhance the security of the supply chain. Logistics managers can be alerted when there are certain deviations on their shipment plans. For example, if a truck makes an unscheduled stop or takes an unplanned route, the logistics manager will immediately receive alerts.

The expanded regulatory support offered by the software will ensure fast and accurate screening and customs declaration. An example of the effectiveness of the software is Nahdi Medical Company that was able to improve truck utilization by 5% to 10% when it implemented the latest release of Oracle Transportation Management. There is greater visibility in shipment demands as well as delivery status to quickly change plans when new requirements arise. Aside from the increase in truck utilization rates, time on shipments is cut to save more money.

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