Overseas Schools For Japanese Students In Need Of More Teachers

According to data gathered, many Japanese schools intended for Japanese students who are residing abroad are in need of teachers. There are not enough teaching instructors that the schools are forced to hire local Japanese even if they do not possess the necessary teaching certificates. This is the same with Japanese international school in Bangkok because of the high concentration of Japanese students in the capital city of Thailand.

The major reason for the shortage of teachers is because there are not enough professionals sent by the government to these schools. The issue now isthat many are concerned about the quality of teaching that the kids are receiving from teachers with no certification or license.

In order to fill the gap in the required number of teachers, the ministry of education decided to create a system for this particular academic year wherein young Japanese equipped with teaching license, regardless of their little teaching experience, to schools that are located abroad in order to become regular teachers.

The schools overseas have been founded by the local Japanese associations in that region in order to make sure that the Japanese students there will receive the same level of education content especially during the elementary level and the junior high school level. The government is responsible in sending the teachers to these schools but they must have at least five years of teaching experience in Japan in order to be qualified. Aside from the experience, the teachers must also pass the recommendation of the prefectural boards of education in order to be assigned in a school abroad.

There is a decline in the number of recommendations in the past several years that the percentage of teachers required to fill the roles in overseas schools only reached 75.2 per cent. This percentage is lower by 8.6 per cent compared to a decade ago.

According to a survey by the foreign ministry, the number of Japanese students in other countries are rising thus they need to be able to supply the rising demand. There is a Japanese international school in Bangkok and it is also struggling with the shortage of teachers. It is now the quest of the government to take measures in order to solve these issues.