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BIFA To Highlight Freight Issues During Multimodal 2019

Multimodal is the premier management event for supply chains, logistics and freight transport. The Multimodal 2019 begins for its 12th consecutive year. The event highlights every sector in the industry which is why it is considered as a unique showcase that is high valued in all of the industry. It features logistics companies offering services […]

The Future Is Here – Meet Vera

Volvo has created Vera, an electric truck that is capable of driverless driving. It has started operating in Sweden. It shuttled containers between a port and the distribution center. However, it is only capable of driving short distances for now. Vera can deliver large quantities of cargo with high precision. An operator in the control […]

Black Waters On The Beaches Of Thailand

Black water had been seen flowing through the sand and along the southern part of Kamala Beach last February. The governor of Phuket and the Kamala Tambon Administrative Organisation both bound to raise the issue as the local officials of Phuket clear the black polluted water and find its source.   The contaminated area affects […]

Japan’s Big Four Announces Alliance For Standardizing Electric Motorcycle Technology

Japan’s motoring industry saw a short statement, with the companies signing it stating their intentions to work together towards standardizing replaceable battery technology for electric motorbikes. What makes this statement so noteworthy is that it’s signed by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha; Japan’s four biggest motoring companies. Personal transport is moving away from fossil fuel, […]

Royal Commission Recommendations For Financial Advisors In Australia

The disputed conflict of payment regarding the quality of accountant financial advice is being tended to. The Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board present an “update on the royal commission and impact on financial services.”   Financial planning is being offered higher standards as a profession, and the following are Commissioner Hayne’s recommendations to be […]

Ontario City Putting Life-Saving Equipment In Parks

Ontario’s Bracebridge saw technical installation working on Kelvin Grove Park, putting up a new station, one designed with the aim of saving lives. The new installation, dubbed Save Station, is a six-foot-tall cabinet which contains an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which can be used in case someone nearby is suffering from a heart attack. AED […]

Triumph Institute Experts In Podiatry

Ankle sprains seem normal to athletes, but even if not engaging in sports, one can suffer from it from just the daily activity if not careful enough. It happens when a ligament supporting the ankle get stretched or tore. Although, most of the cases pain ease easily it should not be taken for granted. There […]

How Leadership For CIOs Have Changed

There are many things that are changing especially in leading a business. IT leadership, for instance, is seeing rapid changes whether we like it or not. The pace is catching up with how fast new technology is being introduced in the commercial market. The responsibility of a CIO encompasses more roles than organizing Sydney team […]

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